What Are ChatGPT Prompts?

ChatGPT prompts are the questions or requests you pose to the AI chatbot to get it to generate a response. Prompts guide ChatGPT on the type of output you want it to provide.

Good prompts are clear, specific, and provide enough context. Vague or overly broad prompts will lead to irrelevant or nonsensical responses.

How Do You Write Effective ChatGPT Prompts?

Follow these tips:

  • Be concise and direct with your phrasing
  • Ask specific questions and give relevant details
  • Set the desired tone and style if needed
  • Break down complex requests into smaller parts
  • Don’t be afraid to refine prompts that don’t work
  • Manage expectations – ChatGPT has limitations

What Are Some Examples of Great Prompts?

Creative Writing:

“Write a short fantasy story about a girl who discovers she can turn invisible when she holds her breath.”


“Explain quantum physics in simple terms a high school student would understand.”


“Suggest a morning routine I can follow to start my workdays focused and energized.”


“Explain the key differences between Python and JavaScript syntax.”

Personal Growth:

“Give me some journaling prompts to promote self-reflection and personal growth.”


“Tell me a hilarious joke about a hamster who thinks he’s an elite secret agent.”

How Long Should Prompts Be?

Aim for 1-3 concise sentences. Provide key details but avoid lengthy background stories. Let ChatGPT do the heavy lifting of generating content!

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Can You Ask Follow-Up Questions?

Yes! Asking follow-ups is key to steering the conversation and getting more value from ChatGPT. Treat it like a dialogue.

Follow-ups allow you to clarify, expand ideas, and go deeper on topics that interest you from the initial response.