What is AI Dungeon?

AI Dungeon is a popular text adventure game that uses AI to generate unlimited gameplay scenarios and responses.


  • Created by Nick Walton and released in 2019
  • Originally used OpenAI’s GPT-3 model
  • Players input text describing their actions
  • AI generates story responses
  • Customizable fantasy to sci-fi settings
  • Single player or multiplayer collaborative stories


  • Concerns over inappropriate content generated
  • OpenAI API access revoked in 2021
  • Perceived decline in AI quality since switch to in-house model
  • Ongoing debates over content moderation approach

Why Look for AI Dungeon Alternatives?

Some reasons users seek competitors include:

Censorship Concerns

  • Disagree with AI Dungeon’s content filtering approach
  • Prefer fewer restrictions on story directions


  • AI Dungeon shifted to a subscription model
  • Prefer free or lower cost alternatives

AI Quality

  • Believe competitors have better AI engines
  • Dissatisfied with current AI Dungeon output

Fresh Experiences

  • Interested in new approaches and innovations
  • Bored after extensive playtime with AI Dungeon
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What Capabilities Should an Alternative Have?

Ideal features in an AI Dungeon alternative:

Strong AI Generator

  • Coherent, robust story responses
  • Engaging NPC dialogue and actions
  • Maintains context well

Customizable Experience

  • User control over story direction
  • Genre, setting, style options
  • Character customization


  • Available on web and apps
  • Intuitive UX
  • Multiplayer connectivity

Adult Content Options

  • Enable mature themes if desired
  • Robust content management controls

What are Some Top AI Dungeon Alternatives?


  • Created by former AI Dungeon fans
  • Local app focused on user privacy
  • Highly rated storytelling AI


  • Web app with paid tiers
  • Focus on community-oriented development
  • Supports explicit content

AI Tales

  • New startup with fresh takes
  • Faster paced stories
  • Strong content controls


  • AI API for devs to build games
  • Customizable model training
  • SDKs for various platforms

How Does NovelAI Compare to AI Dungeon?

NovelAI has some key distinctions:


  • Runs locally so stories remain private
  • No cloud uploads of user content


  • Trainable AI modules for unique experiences
  • Extensive avatar and story settings

Content Freedom

  • Adult content allowed but avoidable
  • Greater user agency over story direction

Community Input

  • Surveys users for ongoing improvements
  • Transparent development roadmap

What is the Text Adventure Creation Process Like?

World Building

  • Establish genre, setting, characters
  • Describe environment and atmosphere

Character Creation

  • Define your avatar and abilities
  • Customize NPCs

Story Initiation

  • Introduce characters and scenarios
  • Start journey through first actions

AI Collaboration

  • Respond conversationally to drive the story
  • Give creative input to shape the narrative

Iterative Enhancement

  • Provide feedback to improve AI behavior
  • Refine story elements each session
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What Are Effective Prompts for Text Adventures?

Prompt tips:

  • Use immersive second-person perspective
  • Outline character traits and abilities
  • Set the scene with vivid sensory details
  • Initiate clear story hooks and objectives
  • Speak conversationally, not just actions
  • Be specific yet open-ended
  • Start simple then increase complexity
  • Remember: creativity sparks creativity!

How Can Text Adventures Teach Writing Skills?

Educational benefits include:

  • Inspires imagination through unhindered creativity
  • Fosters concise, expressive language abilities
  • Encourages an iterative drafting process
  • Teaches collaborative narrative development
  • Develops fictional world building skills
  • Allows safe experimentation with perspectives
  • Motivates through interactive engagement
  • Provides exposure to diverse story structures and archetypes

What is the Future of AI Storytelling?

Emerging innovations in AI-guided narratives:

  • More customizable story architectures
  • Tools for deeper plot and character planning
  • Lifelike NPC conversational abilities
  • Support for different gameplay modes beyond text
  • Integrated editing assistance and writing feedback
  • Custom story generation from outlines
  • Interactive fiction studios optimized for AI collaboration
  • Destinations for sharing stories and universes
  • Ethical content steering techniques
  • Co-creative experiences between AIs and people


AI Dungeon sparked a wave of AI text adventure platforms, enabling imaginative new fronts for storytelling, gaming and creativity. As the technology continues improving, focusing innovation through an ethical lens will help cultivate human flourishing.