Yo what’s good! Let’s break down the tea on Google Imagen AI and how to use it.

The 411 on Imagen AI

  • It’s a text-to-image tool created by Google
  • Joins other AI art creators like DALL-E 2 and Midjourney
  • Makes wild images from text descriptions

Get Early Access thru AI Test Kitchen

Here’s how to get your hands on Imagen before the official launch:

Sign Up for the Waitlist

  • Go to aitestkitchen.withgoogle.com
  • Click “Register your interest”
  • Fill in your deets like country and profession
  • Select “Join Waitlist” and choose your Google account

Download the Test Kitchen App

Once you get the confirmation email:

  • Download the AI Test Kitchen app on your phone
  • Sign in with the same Google account
  • Start playing with Imagen if you got an invite!

Imagen’s Coolest Features: Cities and Creatures

Two of Imagen’s standouts:

City Dreamer

  • Design entire cities like SimCity or Minecraft
  • Just describe what you want like a s’mores house
  • AI makes it real without all the hard work


  • Makes wild creatures like Pixar characters
  • Customize materials, clothes, colors, etc.
  • Animate the creatures and watch them dance!

How It Compares to Other AI Art Tools

  • More advanced diffusion model = higher quality images
  • Focuses on buildings and creatures vs general images
  • Potential to expand capabilities in the future
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A’ight, that’s the tea on tapping into Google’s new AI art tool! LMK if you have any other Q’s.